Quintessential Bob’s Burgers Episodes, By Season

Not unlike the comfort food whipped up at the eponymous restaurant itself, Bob’s Burgers goes down easy. On the surface, it’s a show about the struggles of running a small business. At its center, it’s an episodical account of family, adventure, and doing the right thing — whether its characters are negotiating with a bank robber, surviving a haunted house, or outrunning evil turkeys.

From its cannibalistic roots to its modern family values that lean into the beauty of being a good human (complemented by zombie fetishes, biker gangs, and farts), Bob’s Burgers has grown and evolved as much as its refreshingly imperfect characters.

Over the past 10 years, the Belcher family has celebrated selling 1,000 burgers, grand re-re-re-openings, and Bob ungluing himself from a toilet seat. Now, this decade-capping highlight reel celebrates the highest highs (and none of the lows, because there aren’t any) of a show that’s as rare as it is (a job) well done.

A looming storm, community unity, shellfish dangerously inflating Gene beyond the point of recognition — season 1’s examination of indulgence, betrayal, and perspective is as deep as a giant vat of melted butter.

Come for the lobster, stay for Linda’s optimism and Hugo’s brief display of humanity.

Runners Up: Crawl Space, Human Flesh

Arcade games, birthday-crashing, Bob hunting down preteen bullies while he’s high on prescription pain medication– season 2's erratic plunge into high hopes, obsession, and bitter rivalry is as unhinged as a burger without fries.

Come for the high scores, stay for Darryl’s introduction and free cake.

Runners Up: Bob Day Afternoon

Underground casinos, hemophobia, Bob’s bloody finger crotch saving his family business — season 3’s descent into body horror, debt, and breaking the law is as frantic as sizzling burger grease.

Come for the gambling, stay for The Cutie Patooties and Louise’s natural affinity for business management.

Runners Up: O.T. The Outside Toilet, Full Bars

Flying, fake-marooning, Linda putting a womanizer in his place and owning her unpredictable situation — season 4’s exploration of commitment, independence, and the risks of old habits dying hard is as high-energy as a weekend brunch rush.

Come for the life-or-death plane ride, stay for Linda’s throat punch and the lute.

Runners Up: Christmas in the Car, Slumber Party, The Kids Rob a Train

Black garlic, bitter rivals, Gene’s desperate attempt to prove he can be counted on — season 5’s race against time, bad habits, and Jimmy Pesto’s heat lamp is as validating as a compliment on an experimental “Burger of the Week.”

Come for the competition, stay for the calf muscles and Skip Marooch.

Runners Up: Can’t Buy Me Math, Work Hard our Die Tryin’ Girl, Housetrap

Angel hair intestines, non-burning grass, Bob and Linda going the extra mile to scare Louise — season 6’s festive plunge into fake danger, real fear, and letting your guard down is as twisted as fresh curly fries.

Come for the haunted house, stay for the “Thriller” ripoff and Louise’s scream.

Runners Up: Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled, The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover, Stand by Gene

Albino polar bears, bed pans, a life-or-death gingerbread house-making tournament — season 7’s excursion into caroling, killers, and the Christmas spirit is as hectic as last-minute shopping during the holidays.

Come for the gingerbread house designs, stay for the lowbrow insults and Linda’s desperate enthusiasm.

Runners Up: Sea Me Now, Ex Mach Tina, A Few ‘Gurt Men

Minty eggnog, burglaries, a demon who may or may not have stolen Linda’s Christmas spirit – this season 8 two-parter’s probe into desperation, persistence, and the science of deduction is as layered as a double-patty burger with the works.

Come for the mystery, stay for Bob’s sexy Bleaken outfit and Miss Triple X-Mas.

Runners Up: The Silence of the Louise, Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters For You

Quarter-assing, dine-and-dashing, lazy upper management taking advantage of unpaid employees — season 9’s insight into knock-offs, rip-offs, and hazardous working conditions is as tense as a pressure cooker set to high.

Come for Woodchuck, stay for Tina’s business monster and Teddy’s sketch.

Runners Up: Roller? I Hardly Knew Her!, The Helen Hunt, Roamin’ Bob-iday

Hernias, plastic catapults, Louise fighting her rebellious nature for the greater good—season 10’s insight into new friends, old enemies, and finding one’s tribe is as sweet as a diner’s dessert display case.

Come for the pranks, stay for Louise’s wisdom and Jimmy Pesto’s vulnerability.

Runners Up: Legends of the Mall, Poops!… I Didn’t Do It Again

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