They chopped him up a smile, but Jack could hardly mind
as any patch of pumpkins knows that happens with their kind.
He chipped a tooth, they fixed it; just widening his grin
but not before they broke his skull to operate within.

Their fingers danced inside him and they scraped around his walls
though what they did with all those guts, no Jack like him recalls.
He stuck inside their fingernails; dirtied up their spoons
and his unforgiving slaughter filled up autumn afternoons.

Once emptied out and lighter, Jack could not contain a smirk
(not by choice, incidentally, with his…

Not unlike the comfort food whipped up at the eponymous restaurant itself, Bob’s Burgers goes down easy. On the surface, it’s a show about the struggles of running a small business. At its center, it’s an episodical account of family, adventure, and doing the right thing — whether its characters are negotiating with a bank robber, surviving a haunted house, or outrunning evil turkeys.

From its cannibalistic roots to its modern family values that lean into the beauty of being a good human (complemented by zombie fetishes, biker gangs, and farts), Bob’s Burgers has grown and evolved as much as…

After riding that summer high, autumn sweeps in like the angel of death, guiding us ever so gently into end times: morning frost, Closed for the Season signs, and sore throats. But it’s made digestible — even beautiful — by something as unlikely as dead leaves.

It’s also a season that may as well have been made for the movies.

From films depicting the first foliage-speckled months of the school year to scenes perfectly capturing the crisp coziness of sweater weather, Hollywood wears autumn well. …

Spring is all about comebacks. It’s the season of rebirths, fresh starts, and second gos. Whether you’re counting down the last semester of school or wishing away that last patch of melting snow, spring is the beginning, middle, and end of an underdog story — born out of nothing, thriving, passing the baton to its worthy successor. And who knows underdog stories better than the movies?

Hollywood knows its way around baseball season as much as it does a blooming garden painted in pastels and pollen, and this post-vernal equinox trip through the decades captures the petrichor-scented comfort —and occasional…

With winter comes the woes, and even though Hollywood is no doubt conditioned to the sunlit landscapes of Los Angeles, it’s also just as well-versed in setting the stage for an authentically frozen-over ambience that’d make any snow squall or Nor’Easter proud. From the cool hues to the winter blues, cinematic winters can either exist as foundations for warm and fuzzy feelings or something otherwise deafeningly bleak. Over the years, some films have perfectly captured the poetic, snowcapped spell of the winter season, bringing out the season’s tightrope balance of chill and charm.

So, for a bundled-up stroll through history…

When you’re looking to scratch that summer itch, Hollywood has you covered. No, the smells of suntan lotion, fresh cut grass, and roasted marshmallows won’t be wafting through your television screens anytime soon (though let’s not completely write off a “Smell-O-Vision” revival), but over the years, some movies have managed to capture all the pleasantries associated with the summer season all the same. They gave audiences the breeze, but not the bug bites; the sun, but not the burn. And even in their boxy confines, there have been movies that encapsulate the summer season in all of its sun-kissed glory.

Danny Salemme

A writer and not the host of a podcast yet.

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